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Blossoming Flowers: Nature & Art

Art changes the way we see things. Depending on her vision, the artist illuminates some features of her subject while hiding others. Under the brush of a a good artist, the same subject can change with every painting, while a great artist takes a common theme and and makes it into a revelation.

Flowers, with all of their beauty and symbolism, have been a common artist's subject since ancient times. Floral art came into its own, however, in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, when flowers were used as religious symbols. Lilies, for example, stood for purity and the Virgin, anemones symbolized death or the Trinity, and roses made viewers think of martyrdom. DaVinci and Durer, however, sketched and painted flora to discover their natural properties, and by the end of the Renaissance, artists began to strive to duplicate nature. From the 1600s to the Victorian era, floral still life became a popular art form, both for its beauty, and for the artist's ability to control the form of his subject in his floral arrangements.

Symbolism was frequently used, but was not always religious in nature. As the 19th century drew to a close, painters such as Manet, Monet, and Van Gogh strayed from realism to paint their subjects (often including flowers) as they saw them, putting their artistic vision ahead of their subjects' appearance. In the 20th century, artists often painted their subjects in unique ways, such as Georgia O'Keeffe, whose exploration of flower forms resulted in powerful, brilliantly colored, almost abstract paintings

We can see the same artistic view of flowers in florists' arrangements. When you decide to deliver flowers or send gifts to India for a loved one, or just purchase them for your own enjoyment, you can choose from many styles. There are traditional "English garden" arrangements, the graceful Japanese Ikebana, and the contemporary "High Style," with its asymmetrical lines and use of negative space. Whether they work in oils or foam and wire, floral artists help us see flowers in unique and inspiring ways. Share the art of flowers with someone you love!


Outside Greystones in Glenridding
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